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Offer No. 558465

System: AluStarTec
Quantity: 125 m², incl. accessories


AluStarTec - the Features

The sturdy multi-purpose formwork system

  • best-in-class when it comes to weight-performance ratio
  • covers a wide range of jobs and applications

Aluminium frames made of closed 2-chamber hollow aluminium profiles

  • Torsion-proof, durable, low weight

Steel panel frame made of closed hollow steel profile

  • Robust, sturdy

Tie hole with conical sleeve, welded-in from both sides

  • Easy use of tie rods

All-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing alkus

  • Lasts as long as the frame and delivers superior concrete finish

Fresh concrete load capacity: 60 kN/m² 

  • Unlimited pour speed to panel height

Large panel sizes up to 240 x 270 cm

  • Large forming area, big pour cycles

Largest aluminium panel 270/90 with alkus facing weighs only 65 kg

  • Easy assembly by hand with just two worker

Multi-function profile with welded-in DW nut

  • simple, safe, uniform attachment of all accessory parts

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Product List AluStarTec

Quant. Description
24 ST-Panel w. AL-sheet   270/ 135
8 AS-Panel w.  AL-sheet   270/ 90
2 AS-Panel w.  AL-sheet   270/ 75
8 AS-Panel w.  AL-sheet   270/ 40
4 AS-inside corner   270/ 25
4 AS/ST-outside corner  270
130 AS-assembly lock
4 Uni-assembly lock   22
70 Tie rod DW 15/90
140 Articulated flange nut 15/120 (SW 27)
6 Walkway bracket 125 (yellow), galv.
6 Guard-railing post 100, galv.
6 Brace frame with connector
1 AS-crane hook
8 AS-alignment rail 125   galv.
1 MEVA storage box   120/ 100
1 Stacking rack
1 Plug D20 (red)

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